Washington Doesn’t Really Care About the Kurds

THE RUSH LIMBAUGH SHOW / October 21, 2019 — “Trump is getting us out of foreign wars, and the entire military-Washington complex wants no part of that! These people’s personal fortunes are tied up in ongoing war. Their power base is tied up in ongoing war. Military defense contractors are tied up in war. …So Trump campaigns on getting us out of endless foreign wars and military entanglements that don’t have anything to do with U.S. national security.

Who dies in these wars? The American middle class, the sons and daughters of the American middle class, and Trump campaigned and promised to get us out. …It’s all about Trump pulling us out of these wars. It threatens the military aspect of the deep state as much as anything else Trump is doing with the other realms contained within the deep state or the Washington establishment…

The military people in this deep state have really been brilliant. They know that the American people for the most part, in a vast majority, instinctively support the troops. They know the American people instinctively adore and admire and support the troops. It’s a volunteer force. They lay their lives on the line the moment they volunteer to join. And so the people running the deep state military aspect of the Washington establishment have been taking advantage of this for longer than we can count.

When you stop to think about this…it becomes even more outrageous. They count on us loving our soldiers, because we do. They count on us loving our country, because we do. And they count on most of us to unilaterally support the military, because we do. They even count on our Christianity as an aspect of promulgating and promoting certain aspects of foreign policy. The belief in Christianity that Israel, for example, is sacred. They take advantage of that too.

It’s stunning when you stop to think about it. And they have used all of these good characteristics, they have used all of these really admirable traits that the American population have to prop up the military complex. The reason why it’s surfacing now is Trump. Trump is exposing all of this. …In their minds, they’re scared to death Trump is gonna get us out of these various foreign wars that we’re in that have no end and have no U.S. national interest at stake.

…Where are we still? Still in Afghanistan. Who promised to get us out of Afghanistan? Barack Hussein Obama. There’s no end. Nobody can even tell you how it’s gonna end. We don’t even take the time to define victory and whatever the exit strategy would be.

…I have been on this kick of the ruling class and the whole notion that war is a giant profit center for a while. And I’ve been thinking more about it. I think we’ve been taken advantage of by these military people, swamp people in this way. And do not misunderstand. I have not become an opponent to the military. That’s not what this is about.

I’m an opponent of the administrative state in Washington, which includes everything. It includes the military and the bureaucracy, the Congress, it includes everybody there — the swamp — who believe the election of 2016 was invalid because they lost. For that reason alone, it’s invalid and it needs to be redone or wiped out because Trump won, and that’s just unacceptable.

…Now, they counted on us loving our soldiers ’cause we do. They counted on us loving our country because we really do. They also count on our Christianity. Believing Israel is sacred. They take advantage of that too. They have used our good characteristics to prop up a military complex that goes way beyond what we think its purpose is.

Republicans have always said yes to everything that has to do with soldiers, patriotism, and Israeli. They know that we always say yes. That’s how they take advantage of us. And so a guy got elected claiming we’ve gotta stop this. We’re in too many places around the world that have no distinct U.S. national interests. We’re losing too many American men and women. They are the sons and daughters of the middle class. We’re spending a lot of money on things that have no U.S. vital interest. We have no exit plan.

This is one of the reasons they opposed Trump from the get-go… I think, folks, that there is a lot more power in the establishment invested in the military than we can begin to understand. Because very likely these military people — we generally admire them and respect them, instinctively. I know many of them are socialists. Many of them are political activists. Not all. We have some warrior generals. We have some warrior military people. But we have a lot of people getting very, very rich off of endless, victoryless wars that they have encouraged, that they lobbied, that they perpetuate. And all of this is being exposed by Donald Trump.

Now, as we know, leftists ruin everything they touch, including the military. And here’s Trump not beholden to any of them. He’s not buying their garbage. He’s not beholden to any part of this military complex other than the troops. He is one thousand percent for the troops. They can’t buy him now. They can’t make him rich. They can’t promise him something lucrative later if he plays ball now, like they can to everybody else.

Trump spent a lot of political capital on that first budget. He had a ton of new money for the military. It had to be rebuilt. He did it. He was all-in. After the Bush wars, after Obama’s neglect, they were out of bullets. Trump likes to say, they were out of bullets. They had to be restocked. He has built up a strong fighting force that I believe he sincerely hopes will never see action. He believes in deterrence. You have a big, gigantic military so that you don’t have to use it, so that nobody dares attack us. And very few do.

But yet we’re everywhere now. It’s a fine line here, I understand. But the true ascertainment of legitimate U.S. national interests would probably result in us getting out of a lot of these skirmishes around the world. But we don’t. Now, initially the war lobby, the establishment, military, they loved Trump’s military budget. They loved all that new money. They loved the commitment to ongoing existing wars.

But now that Trump has rebuilt the military, and now that it’s back to fighting force strength, now Trump wants to stop playing war games. We can’t have that! Are you kidding? Why, we can’t have that! That would mean the gravy train would slow down. Trump’s the one guy that may actually be able to bring some semblance of peace to the world.”


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